Additional file 2: Fig. S2. of Zinc finger nuclease-based double-strand breaks attenuate malaria parasites and reveal rare microhomology-mediated end joining

Characterisation of SpZFN SI 2. a Liver stages of parasites in HepG2 cells 48 h after sporozoite invasion. CSP staining shows the plasma membrane of the parasite within the hepatocyte. b C57BL/6 mice were challenged with 10,000 sporozoites i.v. or by the bites of ten infected A. stephensi mosquitoes (bb). Peripheral blood parasitaemia was monitored by Giemsa-stained blood smears from three days post-infection. Percentage of mice that are blood stage (BS) parasite free and percentage of mice alive is shown over time. Parasitaemia over the course of the experiments is shown as growth curves. Control infections with SpZFN resulted in no blood stage parasitaemia. (PDF 1601 kb)