Additional file 1: of Use of a gene score of multiple low-modest effect size variants can predict the risk of obesity better than the individual SNPs

2019-10-25T07:36:42Z (GMT) by Shabana Saleem Shahid Shahida Hasnain
Table S1. Reference information of the SNPs included in the study. LEP: Leptin, LEPR: Leptin Receptor, FABP2: Fatty Acid Binding Protein 2, FTO: Fat Mass and Obesity associated, GRB14: Growth factor receptor bound protein 14, ST6GAL1: Sialyltransferase 6 galactosidase 1 protein, VPS26A: Vacuolar protein sorting associated protein, HMG20A: High mobility group protein 20 A, AP3S2: Adaptor related protein complex, HNF4A: Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 A. the Global MAF values are taken from SNPedia, while the p-value indicates the significance of difference between the GMAF and the MAF observed in the current study. (DOCX 31 kb)