Additional file 1: of Tumor suppressor role of cytoplasmic polyadenylation element binding protein 2 (CPEB2) in human mammary epithelial cells

Figure S1. EMT marker proteins identified in MOCK and CPEB2KD MCF7 cells. Top panel: (A) and (B). Immunofluorescence Images for E-Cadherin and Twist 1 (stained green), nuclei stained blue with DAPI. CPEBKD cells show decreased E-Cadherin on cell membranes, and increased Twist 1 in cytoplasm. Bottom panel: Left, (C) and (D): Quantification of fluorescence (normalized to 1 for control mock cells showing significant reduction of E-Cadherin and increase in Twist 1 in KD cells (p < 0.05). Right, (E) Western blots showing decreased E-Cadherin and increased Twist 1, and a very minor increase (not significant) in Vimentin. (JPG 173 kb)