Additional file 1: of Tspan8 and Tspan8/CD151 knockout mice unravel the contribution of tumor and host exosomes to tumor progression

Table S1. Primers. Table S2. Reagents. Figure S1. Characterization of MCA tumors, bone marrow cells and endothelial cells from Tspan8ko- and/or CD151ko-mice. Figure S2. Tspan8- and CD151-dependence of TEX and sExo delivery and uptake. Figure S3. Ex vivo analysis of tetraspanin, adhesion molecule and angiogenic factor expression in MCA tumors. Figure S4. TEX and apoptosis resistance of wt- and ko-MCA tumor cells. Figure S5. The impact of TEX on EMT. Figure S6. TEX proteases and invasion of Tspan8ko and/or CD151ko MCA cells. Figure S7 Flow-cytometry examples on the impact of sExo and TEX uptake on BMC subpopulations. (PDF 4883 kb)