Additional file 1: of Transcriptomic analyses of rice (Oryza sativa) genes and non-coding RNAs under nitrogen starvation using multiple omics technologies

Figure S1. Correlation analysis of strand-specific RNA-Seq and small RNA-Seq. Figure S2. GO analysis of up-regulated and down-regulated genes under nitrogen and phosphate starvation in rice. Figure S3. RNA-Seq read distribution of putative lncRNAs responsive to nitrogen starvation and other stressors. Figure S4. Expression patterns of N-responsive putative lncRNAs and quantitative PCR validation results. Figure S5. Predictions of miR169-targeted rice NF-YAs and 5′ RACE results. Figure S6. Degradome sequencing analysis of genes targeted by rice microRNAs. Figure S7. RNA-Seq read distribution on the genomic region of ammonium transporters, and predicted secondary structures. Figure S8. RNA-Seq and Small RNA-Seq read distribution on the genomic region of AMT2.1 and AMT3.3. Figure S9. Sequence alignment of Chr04G0017 genomic region in rice subspecies. Blue characters indicate predicted open reading frame. Figure S10. Peptide modeling results of Chr04G0017-encoding open reading frame. (PDF 33992 kb)