Additional file 1 of Tranexamic acid for acute gastrointestinal bleeding (the HALT-IT trial): statistical analysis plan for an international, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Figure S1 Trial profile. Figure S2 Cumulative percentage of death due to bleeding in the tranexamic acid and placebo groups. Figure S3 Distribution of cause of death by days since randomisation. Table S1 Baseline characteristics of participants prior to randomisation. Table S2 Death due to bleeding and rebleeding. Table S3 Other causes of death and all-cause mortality. Table S4 Death due to bleeding by subgroups. Table S5 Need for surgical, endoscopic and radiological interventions and blood transfusion. Table S6 Thromboembolic events, complications and self-care capacity. Table S7 Adverse events. (DOC 355 kb)