Additional file 1: of The clonal evolution of two distinct T315I-positive BCR-ABL1 subclones in a Philadelphia-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia failing multiple lines of therapy: a case report

Comparison between mutations detected by conventional Sanger sequencing and Deep sequencing and estimated clonal composition of the samples. Mutation-relative abundance of conventional Sanger Sequencing results was assessed on the basis of variant peak height. In the TKI/treatment column, the TKI or the treatment being administered at the time of analysis is indicated. In sample ALL-8 and 11, “T315?” denotes that 2 overlapping peaks at adjacent positions (c/t at 1091 and t/c at 1092) of codon 315 were identified in the Sanger Sequencing chromatogram and the resulting amino acid substitution(s) could not be resolved. (PDF 209 kb)