Additional file 1: of The Xylella fastidosa RTX operons: evidence for the evolution of protein mosaics through novel genetic exchanges

Table S1. Gene name, NCBI protein accession number, and NCBI gene locus tag for the Xylella fastidiosa RTXs. Figure S1 and S2. Complete DNA-DNA dot plots (created with the Dotter software) of RTX operon comparisons between Xf (Temecula) and itself, other Xf strains Dixon, 9a5c, and Ann1, and in the case of the RTX4 operon Ralstonia solanacearum. Putative open reading frames are designated by arrows, orthologues are like colored, and mutations resulting in premature stop codons or frame shifts (FS) are noted. Figure S3. ClustalW multiple nucleotide sequence alignment of the Xf (Temecula) RTX3 operon N-terminal repeats (sequences 1-6) and the RTX3 N-terminus (sequence 7). N-terminal repeat sequences contain a large inverted repeat region (arrows and shading). (PDF 809 kb)