Additional file 1: of Small-scale phenotypic differentiation along complex stream gradients in a non-native amphipod

Material S1. Additional information on sources of phenotypic divergence. Material S2. Additional information on genetic differentiation in Gammarus roeselii. Material S3. Additional information on life-history characteristics of Gammarus roeselii. Material S4. Additional information on intersexuality. Material S5. Additional information on embryonic developmental stages. Material S6. Information on study sites, additional results and model summaries. Table S1. Environmental conditions for each sampling site. Table S2. PC scores per season and site. Table S3. Numbers of (a) sex-determined specimens for each sampling site with number of intersex individuals and (b) individuals used for measuring phenotypic traits (male ♂, female ♀). Figure S1. Relationship of body length to head capsule length. Figure S2. Visualization of the marginally non-significant model term in generalized least squares models using offspring-size as the dependent variable. Table S4. Body length. Table S5. Dry weight. Table S6. Gill surface area. Table S7. 1st Antennae. Table S8. 2nd Antennae. Table S9. Gnathopod length. Table S10. Fecundity. Table S11. Egg size. Figure S3. Quantile-quantile (QQ) plots of the model residuals. Figure S4. Pictures of sampling sites. Table S12. Location of sampling sites. (DOCX 1830 MB)