Additional file 1: of Skeletal, cardiac, and respiratory muscle function and histopathology in the P448Lneo− mouse model of FKRP-deficient muscular dystrophy

Figure S1. Behavioral activity monitoring in P448Lneo− (FKRP), exercised P448Lneo− (FKRP-treadmill), and control (BL6) mice from 1 to 9 months of age. FKRP-treadmill mice were only measured until 6 months of age. Panel A: vertical activity (VACTV) data; panel B: horizontal activity (HACTV) data; panel C: total distance traveled (cm) during session (TOTDIST) data; panel D: time (sec, seconds) spent in movement (MOVTIME); panel E: time (sec, seconds) spent resting (RESTIME). No significant differences were seen between groups for all measures. (TIFF 136 kb)