Additional file 1: of Sexual and asexual reproductive aspects of Leontochir ovallei, a rare and endangered geophyte of the Atacama Desert

Graphical diagram showing the methodology applied for the sexual and asexual propagation of L. ovallei. A) Inflorescences of L. ovallei growing in Llanos de Challe National Park in November 2011. Bar = 10 cm. B) Inflorescence of L. ovallei covered with a paper bag (December 2011). Bar = 5 cm. C) Healthy state of inflorescences and their seeds after two months covered with the paper bag (February 2012). Bar = 1 cm. D) One-month old seedling growing inside a petri dish. Bar = 1 cm. E) Three-month old seedlings transplanted to ex vitro conditions. Young seedlings were covered with a plastic cup to protect them against dehydration; this plastic cup was opened to permit aeration. Bar = 2 cm. F) Group of acclimated five-month old seedlings. Bar = 5 cm. (JPG 1867 kb)