Additional file 1: of Sequence homology in eukaryotes (SHOE): interactive visual tool for promoter analysis

Figure S1. Pareto front score optimization on SHOE. A) Illustration of the conflict between two scores (MA score and PSSM score) and the concept of dominance; B) Visualization of several groups of scores using Pentachlorophenol response dataset (PCP), PCP_raw (red) denotes random score zone, PCP_ma (purple) denotes zone where MA score is high, PCP_pssm (blue) is the zone where the PSSM score is high, and PCPtrimmedLog (green) is the zone where a trade-off between two scores is taken. C) Example of the analysis with 30 top Pareto fronts with each type of motif shown in different shape and color. (PDF 360 kb)