Additional file 1: of Role of tissue factor in the procoagulant and antibacterial effects of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells during pneumosepsis in mice

Figure S1. ASCs infusion results in an increased inflammatory response in the lungs in uninfected and infected mice. Mice were treated with 1 × 106 cryopreserved ASCs intravenously and lungs were harvested 3 hours thereafter. Some mice were infected with K. pneumoniae via the airways one hour prior to ASC infusion. ASCs were preincubated with a blocking anti-tissue factor antibody or isotype control prior to infusion. (A) Representative photographs of H&E-stained tissue sections of infected and uninfected lungs at 4 hours; original magnification 10x. (B) The extent of inflammation scored on H&E tissue sections as total HE score. Data are expressed as bars for panel B (mean with SD). N = 4 mice per group. * p < 0.05 versus the control group. (TIF 3283 kb)