Additional file 1: of Role of tbc1 in Drosophila embryonic salivary glands

2019-06-26T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Dorothy Johnson Deborah Andrew
Figure S1. Development of Tbc1 antiserum and testing of transgenic lines. A) Tbc1 antiserum staining in wild type and tbc1Null SGs detected by immunofluorescence. B) HRP staining of wildtype embryos and embryos with SG overexpression (using the fkh-Gal4 driver) of UAS-untagged and UAS-GFP tagged tbc1 using Tbc1 antiserum. SG is outlined with a dashed line. C) Western blotting for Tbc1 (top), GFP (middle) and βtub (bottom). Full length, untagged tbc1: 77.5 kDa predicted molecular weight; Full length, GFP tagged: 106.7 kDa predicted molecular weight. Wild type: OR; Untagged: tub-Gal4 > UAS-tbc1; Tagged: tub-Gal4 > UAS-tbc1-GFP. Black arrowhead: Untagged Tbc1 size; Green arrowhead: expected size of GFP tagged Tbc1; *: non-specific bands. D) Tbc1 (magenta) and GFP (green) staining of untagged (top) and GFP-tagged Tbc1 expressed in the SG using fkh-Gal4. GFP and Tbc1 staining fully overlap in salivary glands expressing Tbc1 -GFP. Blue: DAPI. Scale Bar: 5 μm. (PDF 3979 kb)