Additional file 1 of Regulatory motifs found in the small heat shock protein (sHSP) gene family in tomato

HSFA1E and HSF21 TFBS associated to heat stress and ripening in tomato: building, quality controls and scanning for the promoter regions of sHSP gene family. (1) Gene IDs used to build HSFA1E and HSF21 PWMs. (2) Positive hits obtained with XXmotif tool. (3) PWM of the found TFBS in tomato and the corresponding known in Arabidopsis for heat stress (HSF1AE) and ripening (HSF21). (4) RSAT matrix-distrib output with theoretical distribution of weight scores (left) and corresponding decreasing cumulative distribution functions (right), for HSF1AE and HSF21 PWMs. (5) RSAT matrix-scan output table and location of the HSFA1E (red-squares) and HSF21 (blue-squares) motifs found in the promoter regions of 33 sHSPs in tomato. Differential sHSP gene expression during ripening according to [14] is indicated for up-regulation (UP), down-regulation (DOWN), not differentially expressed (NDE) and not expressed (NE) genes. (XLSX 137 kb)