Additional file 1: of Quantitative evolutionary proteomics of seminal fluid from primates with different mating systems

Figure S1. Comparison of seminal fluid proteins (SFPs) identified with tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) experiments. Results comparing the protein overlap between two human biological samples. Figure S2. Gene Ontology of the molecular function of human seminal fluid proteins. A pie-chart showing GO Slim analysis results. Figure S3. Comparison of protein abundances with dN/dS values in candidate genes. A figure showing the relationship between abundance and dN/dS. Figure S4. Comparison of the mean relative isotope abundance (RIA) of a horse myoglobin peptide in five primate species. Each seminal fluid sample undergoing MS/MS received a spike-in of 200 femtomoles of horse myoglobin as a standard. When we compared the standard peptide across five species, we observed mean RIAs across technical replicates and biological individuals with a coefficient of variation less than 25%, indicating that standards were consistent across MS/MS experiments. (DOCX 173 kb)