Additional file 1: of Profiling of patient-specific myocytes identifies altered gene expression in the ophthalmoplegic subphenotype of myasthenia gravis

Supplementary notes. Table S1. Summary of algorithms used to assess reference gene expression stability in myocytes. (I) untreated myocytes at early and late differentiation time points, (II) early untreated and MG sera (MGS) treated myocytes and (III) late untreated and MGS treated myocytes. Figure S1. Comparison of reference gene expression between the early and late muscle and MG models. Table S2. Statistical analysis of differentially expressed genes: Average Cq values and assessment of data distribution (normality testing) for differentially expressed genes. Figure S2. Additional genes with statistically significant (p<0.05) expression differences between OP-MG and control MG myocytes. (DOCX 436 kb)