Additional file 1: of Prevalence and incidence of sarcoidosis in Korea: a nationwide population-based study

Table S1. Matching diagnostic codes between the KCD-7 and ICD-10 classification. KCD-7, Korean Classification of Disease, 7th revsion; ICD-10, International Classification of Disease, 10th revision. Table S2. Number of patients with sarcoidosis and prevalence rate (per 105 population) of sarcoidosis in Korea from 2007 to 2016. N, number of sarcoidosis. P, prevalence. CI, confidence interval. Table S3. Number of patients with sarcoidosis and incidence rate (per 105 population at risk) of sarcoidosis in Korea from 2009 to 2015. N, number of sarcoidosis. I, Incidence. CI, confidence interval. *population at risk was defined by removing prevalent sarcoidosis cases from the mid-year total Korean population. Table S4. Accompanying diagnostic codes in incident sarcoidosis cases after registration. Data are presented as N (%), unless otherwise indicated. (DOCX 30 kb)