Additional file 1: of Polyaniline-Coated Activated Carbon Aerogel/Sulfur Composite for High-performance Lithium-Sulfur Battery

Supporting information. Figure S1. TEM images of (a) ACA-500-S and the corresponding elemental mapping for (b) carbon, (c) sulfur, (d) oxygen. Figure S2. STEM images of (a) ACA-500-S@PANi and the corresponding elemental mapping for (b) carbon, (c) nitrogen, (d) sulfur, and (d) oxygen. Figure S3. The total XPS spectra of (a) ACA-500-S, (b) C 1s, and (c) S 2p spectra of ACA-500-S. The peaks at 164.0 and 165.2 eV in (c) indicate that the uniformly encapsulated sulfur exists in the form of elemental sulfur. Figure S4. (a) The total XPS spectra and (b) N 1s spectrum of ACA-500-S@PANi. Figure S5. Discharge-charge curves at various rates for (a) ACA-500-S@PANi and (b) ACA-500-S cathodes. Figure S6. Discharge-charge curves recorded at different cycles for (a) ACA-500-S@PANi and (b) ACA-500-S cathodes at 1C. Figure S7. TGA curves of (a) ACA-500-S-70% (black), ACA-500-S@PANi-61% (blue), and ACA-500-S@PANi-55% (red) and (b) ACA-500-S-54% (violet) and ACA-500-S@PANi-45% (olive). Figure S8. (a) Rate performances of ACA-500-S-54% and ACA-500-S@PANi-55% cathodes. Discharge-charge curves at various rates for (b) ACA-500-S@PANi-55% and (c) ACA-500-S-54% cathodes. (d) Cycle performances of ACA-500-S@PANi-45% and ACA-500-S@PANi-61% cathodes at 1C. Table S1. Textual characteristic of ACA-500, ACA-500-S, and ACA-500-S@PANi. Table S2. Summary of cycle stability performances of representative conductive PANi coating for carbon/S cathodes at 1 C rate. (DOCX 980 kb)