Additional file 1: of Plant-RRBS, a bisulfite and next-generation sequencing-based methylome profiling method enriching for coverage of cytosine positions

Additional files may be found in the online version of this article: Figure S1. Examples of electropherograms of library quality. Figure S2. Normalized overlap percentage of number of detected methylated sites between different RRBS samples per restriction enzyme and group. Figure S3. Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) screenshot of a representative genome region of RRBS and WGBS coverage data and mapped reads. Figure S4. Cytosine coverage in representative RRBS and WGBS samples. Figure S5. Annotation of methylated and common cytosine positions located on chromosomes between the biological replicates of different restriction endonuclease combinations and the control line and the LR2 epiline LR2 of selfing generation 4. Table S1. Physiological properties of the rice LR2 epiline versus the control inbred line (%). Table S2. Cellular respiration in the LR2 epiline (% versus the control inbred line) during consecutive selfings of the epilines. Table S3. Percentage of PCR duplicates in the input data per sample. Table S4. Read preprocessing and mapping quality. Table S5. Intersection of in silico fragments and mapped reads (%). Table S6. Intra-line similarity between biological replicates per line of selfing generation 4 based on the methylation level difference of the cytosine sites CG, CHG and CHH detected in the replicates. (DOCX 1363 kb)