Additional file 1: of Phylogeography of red muntjacs reveals three distinct mitochondrial lineages

Table S1. Comparison of number of accepted red muntjac species and subspecies among three different recent publications. Number of recognized species range from 1 to 6 and number of recognized subspecies range from none to 10. Table S2. Complete dataset used for analyses, with information on origin, location and contact. Table S3. Long-range PCR primer sequences and annealing temperatures used for bait development. Table S4. Sequencing results from all samples used in this study, with indication of sequencing platform, percentage of reads on target, average base coverage depth and percentage of reference genome covered with at least 3x coverage. Table S5. Number of Variable sites (V) and Parsimony informative sites (Pi) per coding gene, throughout the full mitogenomes obtained. Figure S1. Best tree obtained with RAxML through Maximum Likelihood Analysis. Figure S2. Maximum Likelihood tree of the Cytochrome B gene, including five individuals from Western Ghats, supporting the clade differentiation of Sri Lanka – Western Ghats from all other red muntjac populations. (PDF 519 kb)