Additional file 1: of Phenotypic and genetic characterization of tomato mutants provides new insights into leaf development and its relationship to agronomic traits

Figure S1. Morphology of the leaves of greenhouse-grown plants of tomato cv ‘P73’ and some dominant mutants. a Fifth leaf of a tomato plant cv. ‘P73’. b-c The mutants 816-P73 (b) and 740-P73 (c) have darker, less lobed leaves. d-f The mutants 136-P73 (d), 605-P73 (e) and 14-P73 (f) develop leaflets of different morphology. g The mutant 630-P73 develops small leaves with irregular arrangement of leaflets. h The mutant 860-P73 has more complex leaves with smaller leaflets. Bar = 1 cm. (PPTX 922 kb)