Additional file 1: of Parallel online determination of ethylene release rate by Shaken Parsley cell cultures using a modified RAMOS device

Examination of the ethylene oxidation rate of ethylene oxide and ethylene electrochemical sensors. Ethylene partial pressure of two ethylene (blue curves) and two ethylene oxide sensors (red curves) of different age. Representation of the fitted first order reaction kinetics model data as solid black curves. During the first 3 h RAMOS shake flasks are flushed with calibration gas containing 0.124 Pa ethylene at 12.5 mL/min. Afterwards the gas flow of calibration gas was stopped. The subsequent decrease of the ethylene partial pressure represents the ethylene consumption by the individual sensor. Calibration conditions: 250 mL RAMOS shake flask, 50 mL modified Gamborg’s B5 medium, 180 rpm shaking frequency, 50 mm shaking diameter and 25 °C. (TIF 128 kb)