Additional file 1 of Optimizing 16S rRNA gene profile analysis from low biomass nasopharyngeal and induced sputum specimens

Additional file 1. Four bacterial mock communities used to evaluate the effect of DNA extraction methods, storage buffers and bacterial biomass on 16S rRNA gene sequencing profiles. Zymobiomics-Primestore-high and Zymobiomics-Primestore-low: ZymoBIOMICS™ Microbial Community Standard bacterial cells in DNA/RNA Shield™ (Zymobiomics-Cells) suspended in PrimeStore® Molecular Transport medium (Primestore); Zymobiomics-STGG-high and Zymobiomics-STGG-low: Zymobiomics-Cells suspended in skim-milk tryptone glucose glycerol transport medium (STGG).