Additional file 1: of Next generation genome sequencing reveals phylogenetic clades with different level of virulence among Salmonella Typhimurium clinical human isolates in Hong Kong

Maximum-parsimony phylogenetic tree of 47  S. Typhimurium genomes with bootstrap values reported on nodes. Only SNPs in the “core” genes were included. The tree was rooted using Salmonella Enteritidis PT4 (GenBank Accession AM933172) and Salmonella Choleraesuis SC-B67 (GenBank Accession AE017220). Red isolates: local blood isolates; Blue isolates: local stool isolates; Black isolates: reference GenBank isolates. The number at each node is the support value inferred from 500 bootstrap replicates. Bootstrap values <50 are not shown here. The scale bar represents the number of SNPs. (PDF 93 kb)