Additional file 1: of Necrotizing enterocolitis is associated with acute brain responses in preterm pigs

Figure S1. Representative images of the small intestine and the colon with or without NEC lesions. The depicted lesions in the small intestine corresponds to NEC score 6, and lesions in the colon correspond to NEC score 4. Figure S2. Pro-inflammatory protein profiles in CSF from Si-NEC, Co-NEC, and No NEC pigs. Four to seven CSF samples from each group were equally pooled and 100 μl of undiluted CSF mixture from each group was applied to the pre-configurated sandwich Rat Cytokine Array G2 (AAR-CYT-G2–8, RayBiotech, USA according to the manufacturer’s protocol. The chip was scanned with a laser scanner using the Cy3 channel with background subtraction and data normalization among sub-arrays. In the array, antibodies were spotted twice, providing two technical replicates for each of the 34 tested proteins, using a standard chip layout ( ). Values are the mean signal intensity normalized to No NEC. Figure S3. Bar-graphs summarizing the RNA-seq results for differentially expressed hippocampal genes between the (a) Co-NEC vs No NEC, (b) Si-NEC vs No NEC, and (c) Si-NEC vs Co-NEC groups (log2 fold changes). Figure S4. Hippocampal gene expression profile is similar between pigs diagnosed with small intestinal NEC and pigs with both small intestinal and colonic NEC, which are both different from Co-NEC group. PCA based on relative gene expression measured by microfluidic qPCR analysis. (PPT 7404 kb)