Additional file 1: of NMR-based metabolomics identifies patients at high risk of death within two years after acute myocardial infarction in the AMI-Florence II cohort

Supplementary material. Expanded methods and results. Table S1. Demographic and Clinical Characteristics divided according to gender. Table S2. Univariate Metabolites Analyses. Table S3. Results for the gender-specific models. Figure S1. Flow chart explaining sample exclusion reasons from the NMR metabolomic analysis. Figure S2. Metabolite signal deconvolution using our in-house-developed algorithm for quantification. Figure S3. Metabolomic profiles for one randomly selected patient from each group of outcomes. Figure S4. Discrimination between patients from different centres using PCA. Figure S5. Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves and the corresponding Area for the two models. Figure S6. Discrimination between NSTEMI and STEMI using RF. Figure S7. Metabolite concentrations. Figure S8. Gender-specific models and predictions using NOESY1D spectra. (DOCX 3630 kb)