Additional file 1: of MyD88-dependent pro-interleukin-1β induction in dendritic cells exposed to food-grade synthetic amorphous silica

Characterization of steady-state DCs (Figure S1). TEM analysis of SAS, FePO4 and TiO2 particles (Figure S2). Interaction of steady-state DCs with FePO4 and TiO2 particles (Figure S3). Scanning TEM analysis of SAS internalization by steady-state DCs (Figure S4). Internalization of FePO4 and TiO2 nanoparticles by steady-state DCs (Figure S5). Cell viability upon incubation with SAS particles (Figure S6). Induction of pro-IL-1β by SAS particles in TLR4−/− DCs (Figure S7). Effect of bafilomycin A1 on pro-IL-1β induction by SAS particles (Figure S8). Safe upper limit of nano-structured SAS particles. (Figure S9). (DOCX 4238 kb)