Additional file 1: of Meiotic crossovers are associated with open chromatin and enriched with Stowaway transposons in potato

Figure S1. The distribution of alternate alleles across the haplotypes of RH and US-W4. Figure S2. Window-based haplotyping by Bayesian inference. Figure S3. Identification of crossovers by logistic regression. Figure S4. Crossover interval length by data set. Figure S5. Comparison of expected and observed crossover counts per chromosome. Figure S6. Evaluation of segregation distortion in the W4M6 population. Figure S7. Comparison of different chromatin data sets with recombination rates. Figure S8. Crossovers have higher DNase-seq and H3K4me3 levels than empirical distributions of nearby regions. Figure S9. Intergenic crossovers have enriched DNase-seq and H3K4me3 signals. Figure S10. DNase-seq and H3K4me3 levels over intergenic crossovers. Figure S11. Recombination rate is correlated with Stowaway element density. Figure S12. H3K4me3 and DNase-seq at Stowaway transposons. (XLSX 37 kb)