Additional file 1: of Intussusception hospitalizations incidence in the pediatric population in Italy: a nationwide cross-sectional study

Annex 1. ICD-9 codes used in the identification of risk factors potentially associated to intussusception. Figure S1. In-hospital intussusception mortality incidence rate by age (2002–2012). Figure S2. Intussusception case incident distribution by recurrence time (1 year following the first episode) within the overall pediatric cohort. Figure S3. a Cumulative intussusception incidence rate among infants <1 year of age by region (2002–2012). Figure S3. b Cumulative intussusception incidence rate among children 1–15 years of age by region (2002–2012). Table S1. Intussusception hospitalization rate comparisons in different timeframes (before and after the marketing authorization RV vaccines in Italy) for infants aged <1 year. (DOCX 137 kb)