Additional file 1: of Introgression of Root and Water Use Efficiency Traits Enhances Water Productivity: An Evidence for Physiological Breeding in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Figure S1. Root phenotyping using root structures. Figure S2. Identification of trait introgressed lines for advancing at BC3F2 stage. Figure S3. Frequency distribution of BC3F2 population for various morpho-physiological traits under aerobic condition. # indicates the value for recurrent parent IR-64. Figure S5. Frequency distribution of BC3F3 population for various morpho-physiological traits in root structure. Figure S6. Improved phenotype of the selected TILs along with parents. Table S1. Background markers used in the study for reconstructing IR-64 background. Table S2. Differences in weather parameters between experimental locations (Bengaluru and Mandya). Table S3. Improvement of yield and yield-attributes among selected trait introgressed BC3F1 progenies. Table S6. Morphophysiological characters of TILs under well-watered and water limited condition along with IR-64. (DOCX 4617 kb)