Additional file 1: of InTAD: chromosome conformation guided analysis of enhancer target genes

Figure S1. A) The proportion of recovered enhancer associated genes (EAG) as a function of random subsets of ependymoma tumor samples (correlation p-value 0.05). The random selection of subsamples was repeated 10 times in each iteration (n = 10 to n = 23) to derive the indicated mean and standard deviations. B) Distribution of EAGs obtained when considering random TADs repeated 500 times using adjusted p-value limits from 0.0001 to 0.05. Green vertical lines reflect the number of EAGs detected when considering experimentally derived TADs from IMR90 cells. In all cases the permutation test p-value is smaller than 1e-10, except for the correlation analysis using an adjusted p-value limit of 0.05 where the permutation test p-value equals 0.078. (PDF 159 kb)