Additional file 1 of Improved protein structure reconstruction using secondary structures, contacts at higher distance thresholds, and non-contacts

2017-08-29T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Badri Adhikari Jianlin Cheng
Table S1. Best of 20 models reconstructed for CASP 8, 9, 10 and 11 target domains (a) without secondary structure information and local contacts with sequence separation less than six removed (column ‘without SS (sep = 6)’), (b) without secondary structure information and no sequence separation threshold (column ‘without SS (sep = 1)’), (c) with secondary structure information and sequence separation threshold of six residues (column ‘with SS (sep = 6)’), (d) with secondary structures and non-contacts (column ‘with SS & NonC’), and (e) using FT-COMAR. The number of Helix (H) and Strand (E) residues calculated using DSSP is included along with the number of contacts in the native structure (Nc). TM-score, and RMSD of the best of 20 generated models are reported. L is the length of the domain structure and column ‘Type’ specifies template-based domain (TBM), free-modeling domain (FM), or hard template-based modeling domain (TBM-HA). For some large structures, where reconstruction tasks with non-contact restraints failed because of having too many restraints, are indicated with a dash (−). (DOCX 90 kb)