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Additional file 1: of Implementing a medical student interpreter training program as a strategy to developing humanism

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posted on 18.06.2018 by Alvaro Vargas Pelaez, Sarah Ramirez, Chavely Valdes Sanchez, Shady Piedra Abusharar, Jose Romeu, Connor Carmichael, Soraya Bascoy, Rose Baron, Ariana Pichardo-Lowden, Nathalia Albarracin, Claire Jones, Patricia Silveyra
Anonymous pre-workshop surveys (“Part 1”, “Part 2 pre”, and “Part 3”), and post-workshop surveys (“Part 1” and “Part 3”) administered to participants to obtain information about the interpreation process knowledge, cultural competencies, language skills and cultural background . (PDF 55 kb)


Penn State College of Medicine