Additional file 1: of Impact of IQ on the diagnostic yield of chromosomal microarray in a community sample of adults with schizophrenia

A word document that contains one figure that depicts the verbal and performance IQ scores for 29 individuals with schizophrenia and a NVLD (Figure S1), and three tables, including: (1) a list of 10,113 population-based controls used to adjudicate CNV rarity in schizophrenia participants (Table S1); (2) the demographic and clinical information for 546 probands with schizophrenia of European ancestry (Table S2); and (3) the genome-wide burden of all rare autosomal CNVs > 10 kb between the expanded schizophrenia-LIQ and schizophrenia-average IQ groups (Table S3). (DOCX 87 kb)