Additional file 1: of High-fructose and high-fat diet-induced insulin resistance enhances atherosclerosis in Watanabe heritable hyperlipidemic rabbits

Table S1. Primers used for Real-Time RT-PCR. Table S2. Average daily food and calorie intake. Figure S1. Food intake, calorie intake and body weight of WHHL rabbits are shown. Figure S2. Analysis of lipoprotien density fractions. Figure S3. IVGTT and IVITT measured at 8 weeks and 16 weeks. Figure S4. Immunohistochemical staining and morphometric analyses of the islet size and area of pacreas. Figure S5. Micrographs of the liver (upper left), liver weight (upper right), hepatic mRNA expression of Nfr2 and SOD1 (lower left and middle) and plasma level of TBARS (bottom right) are shown. Figure S6. Blood pressure and heart rate (beat/min) were measured at 16 weeks using the method described in Ref. 13. (PDF 545 kb)