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Additional file 1: of Hedgehog pathway inhibition causes primary follicle atresia and decreases female germline stem cell proliferation capacity or stemness

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posted on 05.07.2019, 05:00 by Yu Jiang, Dantian Zhu, Wenfeng Liu, Qiushi Qin, Zhi Fang, Zezheng Pan
A: microscopic observation of C-FGSCs (colony-like FGSCs) and B-FGSCs (beaded-like FGSCs), the scale is 20 μm; B: DNA agarose electrophoresis of multi-stemness molecular markers; C: ALP staining of FGSCs, scale is 20 μm; D: double IF of Mvh and Oct4, scale is 20 μm; E: double IF of Mvh and EdU, the scale is 20 μm. (DOCX 320 kb)


National Natural Science Foundation of China