Additional file 1: of Genome-wide identification of MADS-box family genes in moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) and a functional analysis of PeMADS5 in flowering

Table S1. List of primers used for PeMADS genes cloning. Table S2. List of primers used for qPCR in P. edulis. Table S3. List of repeat numbers in the PeMADS gene family identified by the Repeat Masker online software. Table S4. List of transposable elements in PeMADS1, − 2, − 6, and − 7. Table S5. The primers for Real-time quantitatively RT-PCR in Arabidopsis. Table S6. List of cis-elements in 1.5 kb upstream promoter regions of PeMADSs. Table S7. List of CArG box in PeMADSs promoter and intron region. (XLSX 136 kb)