Additional file 1: of Genome-wide association mapping of partial resistance to Aphanomyces euteiches in pea

Description of the pea-Aphanomyces collection. (a) Line categories, as referred in Fig. 1b and Additional file 9 in legends; (b) Line codes in the Biological resource center (CRB) database of INRA Dijon, France; (c) Country codes ISO3166-1; (d) Cv: Cultivar, Bl: breeding line, Gmp: germplasm, Lv: local variety, Wa: wild accession; (e) Fd: fodder, Gd: garden; (f) Ws: winter sown, Ss: spring sown; (g) Nl: normal leaves, af: afila leaves, (h) W: white, Pu: purple, Pi: pink; (i) Wr: wrinkled, Sm: smooth; #: parents of GSP breeding programs; $: parents of RIL populations. (XLSX 29 kb)