Additional file 1: of Genome-wide analysis and identification of the low potassium stress responsive gene SiMYB3 in foxtail millet (Setariaitalica L.)

Table S1. List of the primers used in qRT-PCR analyses. Table S2. List of all genes showing transcriptional changes during K + −deficiency. Table S3. The differentially expressed genes (1982 genes) for the K+ deficient stress in foxtail millet. Table S4. Gene ontology (GO) classification of the differentially expressed genes. Table S5. Detail of differentially expressed transcription factors. Table S6. List of 248 differentially expressed genes common for potassium deprivation among millet, rice and Arabidopsis. Table S7. List of 1734 specifically expressed genes in foxtail millet for potassium deprivation. (XLSX 3089 kb)