Additional file 1: of Genome-wide RNAseq study of the molecular mechanisms underlying microglia activation in response to pathological tau perturbation in the rTg4510 tau transgenic animal model

Figure S1. Microglia isolation from adult mouse brain and validation by q-RT-PCR and FACS analysis. (A). Graphic overview of two microglia isolation methods. (B). q-RT-PCT result of relative expression levels of microglia-specific markers (Iba1, CX3CR1 and CD11b) and non-microglia markers (GFAP, NeuN, and Sox10) in mouse brain tissue and different cell populations. (C). q-RT-PCT result of the expression levels of pro-inflammatory genes, TNFα and IL-1β, in CD11b positive cells versus in total cells and in microglia cells isolated by Percoll gradient method. (D). FACS analysis of total, CD11b-positive and CD11b-negative cells using PE-CD11b and FITC-CD45 antibodies. Left, Histograms of relative cell count for PE-CD11b antibody. (DOCX 153 kb)