Additional file 1: of Genetic variation associated with increased insecticide resistance in the malaria mosquito, Anopheles coluzzii

Table S1. This table provides links to video examples of the Malpighian tubule dissections described in the methods. Table S2. Illumina sequencing read depths per mRNAseq library and associated metadata. Table S3. A Jupyter notebook describing the differential expression workflow. Table S4. Genome coverage data. Table S5. Genome-wide structural variant calls in An. coluzzii. Table S6. A list of genes that were overlapped by a structural variant (< 10kb). Table S7. Gene ontology results from genes in table S5. Table S8. mRNAseq count data for each gene and corresponding An. gambiae ortholog. Table S9. All differentially expressed genes. Table S10. This Jupyter notebook describes the allele-specific expression analysis of CYP9K1 in a cyp-1/cyp-2 F1 hybrid. Table S11. Gene ontology results. (XLSX 3557 kb)