Additional file 1: of First record of Laminaria ochroleuca Bachelot de la Pylaie in Ireland in Béal an Mhuirthead, county Mayo

Table S1. The number of alleles, allele range, null allele frequency, and TANDEM ver. 1.09 output (Matschiner & Saltzburger 2009), including the specified repeat size, rounding method, average rounding error and error threshold for each microsatellite locus used to genotype L. hyperborea populations. The only locus with a higher rounding error than 10% of the repeat size was locus Gver_6311, shown in red and bold. All individuals flagged as errors were manually checked to make sure they were manually binned (Krueger-Hadfield et al. 2013). Table S2. Microsatellite genotypes of 15 Laminaria ochroleuca sporophytes from Béal an Mhuirthead. Lo is the same as LoIVVIV. (DOCX 36 kb)