Additional file 1: of Evolution of meiotic recombination genes in maize and teosinte

Table S1. Maize genes encoding key meiotic recombination proteins. Table S2. Accession numbers for sequences from GenBank used in the phylogenetic analysis of recombination genes. Table S3. PCR primers that were used to amplify sequences of meiotic recombination genes from maize. Figure S1. Phylogeny reconstructions of the DMC1, MLH1, MSH4, and RECQ4 proteins in eukaryotes based on the Bayesian and maximum parsimony methods. Figure S2. Comparison of nucleotide sequence diversity rates (π) in the promoter, coding, and intron regions of meiotic recombination genes in Z. mays ssp. parviglumis and in tropical and temperate maize hybrids. (PDF 264 kb)