Additional file 1: of Epsilon-Fe2O3 is a novel intermediate for magnetite biosynthesis in magnetotactic bacteria

Figure S1. HRTEM images with high resolution and the corresponding FFT analyses of intracellular iron oxide nanoparticles in MSR-1 wild type after the induction of ferric citrate for different time interval. Figure S2. Some representative HRTEM images of epsilon-Fe2O3 and alpha-Fe2O3 used for the phase ratio determination in Fig. 5 of the main text. Table S1. Crystallographic information of the ε-Fe2O3 exhibited in Fig. 3a, Fig. 4 and the theoretical data of ε-Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 (magnetite). For further crystallographic information, people can refer to pdf card as 33–0664 for α-Fe2O3, 65–3107 for magnetite and 52–1449 for ε-Fe2O3, respectively. (DOCX 19846 kb)