Additional file 1: of Epigenetically maintained SW13+ and SW13- subtypes have different oncogenic potential and convert with HDAC1 inhibition

Human Epigenetic Chromatin Modification Enzymes and Epigenetic Chromatin Remodeling Factors RT2 Profiler™ PCR array analysis of gene expression patterns of SW13+ cells compared to SW13- cells. The expression patterns of 84 different genes related to (a) chromatin modification enzymes and 84 genes related to (b) chromatin remodeling factors are shown. Fold-change values >1 indicate an up-regulation; while fold-change values <1 indicate a down-regulation. Fold-change values >2 are considered significant. Comments with “A” indicate that the average cycle threshold (CT) value is relatively high (>30) in either the control or the test sample and is reasonably low in the other sample (<30), suggesting that the actual fold-change value is at least as large as the calculated and reported fold-change results. Comments with “B” indicate that the average CT value is relatively high (>30), indicating that its relative expression level is low in both control and test samples, and the p value for the fold-change is either unavailable or relatively high (p >0.05). Comments with “C” indicate that the average CT value is either not determined or greater than the defined cut-off value (CT ≥35) in both samples, indicating that its expression was undetected, thus rendering this fold-change result erroneous and uninterpretable. (DOCX 18 kb)