Additional file 1: of Enhancement of Photo-Oxidation Activities Depending on Structural Distortion of Fe-Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles

Supplementary material. Digital images and SEM images of Fe@TiO2 nanoparticles, XRD, and Raman intensity plot. Figure S1. Digital images of the Fe@TiO2 dispersed solution with several of Fe dopant concentration. Figure S2. SEM images as the morphologies varying the doping level of Fe: (a) 1 wt %, (b) 3 wt %, (c) 5 wt %; and their high-resolution images (a′), (b′), and (c′), respectively. Figure S3. EDX spectra with Fe peak (marked by black arrows) of big particles: (a) 1 wt% Fe@TiO2, (b) 3 wt% Fe@TiO2, and (c) 5 wt% Fe@TiO2. Figure S4. (a) XRD peak position and correspond lattice constant of (101) plane of anatase TiO2 structure and (b) Raman intensity ratio of I410 (α-Fe2O3 Eg) to I144 (anatase TiO2 Eg). Figure S5. Spectral subtraction of valence band spectra by bare TiO2 peak: (a) 1 wt% Fe@TiO2, (b) 3 wt% Fe@TiO2, and (c) 5 wt% Fe@TiO2.