Additional file 1: of End-to-end automated microfluidic platform for synthetic biology: from design to functional analysis

Supplementary information.pdf. Figure S1. Platform schematic. Figure S2. Valve actuation and peristaltic liquid movement. Figure S3. Construction of gfp. Figure S4. Construction of rfp. Figure S5. Representative DNA construction tree. Figure S6. Representative DNA Constructor syntax. Figure S7. EcoRV digestion of pETBlue < 1 plasmid. Figure S8. Gibson Assembly. Figure S9. Transformation. Figure S10. Golden Gate combinatorial DNA library construction. Figure S11. Yeast promoter library transformation and assessment. Figure S12. Screen for GFP < positive clones following pETBLUE < GFP transformation into E. coli. Figure S13. Induction of GFP expression on < chip. Figure S14. MBTH assay. Figure S15. Demonstration of a complete process imparting a desired function into E. coli. (PDF 3879 kb)