Additional file 1: of Early development of infants with neurofibromatosis type 1: a case series

SM1 - Social Engagment Scale; SM2 - Clinical Assessment; SM Table 1 - Participant descriptive data and the assessments carried out for each group; SM Table 2 - Standardised scores from the Mullen Scale for infants with NF1 (cases 1-10), infants with later ASD, and typically developing controls; SM Table 3 - Standardized scores for the subscales and a composite score from the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale; SM Table 4 - Infant Behavior Questionnaire scores for 14 subscales and 3 domain scales; SM Table 5 - Sensory Sensitivity rated through the Infant/Toddler Sensitivity Profile for infants with NF1; SM Table 6 - Experimenter-rated Social Engagement scores for infants with NF1; SM Table 7 - Scores on the individual AOSI items, separated by sensory-motor and social abilities for infants with NF1. (DOCX 233 kb)