Additional file 1: of Differential cyclooxygenase expression levels and survival associations in type I and type II ovarian tumors

Characterization of new rabbit polyclonal anti-COX-1. A) Protein sequences of human COX-1 and COX-2 show that peptides used in anti-COX-1 generation (shaded in yellow) had no overlap with the corresponding COX-2 sequence. B) Western blot analysis using the newly generated Vanderbilt anti-COX-1 (1:2000 overnight) show detection of COX-1 at the expected molecular weight (approximately 68 kDa). COX-2 was detected by rabbit polyclonal anti-COX-2. Actin was used as loading control. Samples used were COX-1-expressing OVCAR-3 cell lysate, COX-2-expressing 4 T1 cell lysate, recombinant ovine COX-1 and recombinant human COX-2. (PPTX 71 kb)